Rhapsody Digital Media

We combine award-winning creativity and technical skills, to design and deliver industry-leading websites, apps and digital campaigns across every platform.

In today’s digital world, creativity means nothing without the right technical approach and an understanding of how to turn user experience findings into reality.

Starting with a period of detailed Insight and Research, our team will devise creative concepts and layouts based on the agreed user journeys, personas and research. This leads on to the key design deliverables such as Information Architecture. We’ll create wireframes outlining how users will navigate through your website, app, kiosk or Intranet across different devices and formats, ensuring that the user experience is logical, straightforward and intuitive. Included within this phase is the creation of the navigational structure which may alter across the device or format used for your project.

The final deliverable is the ever important graphic design and branding, utilising our team’s user-experience to ensure visual consistency across all channels


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