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The world of print media has gone through a dramatic change yet the values remain the same. You need your images to have impact and be consistent from page to page. Your artwork needs to be produced to the right format and specification, reaching its final print destination on time. With our content production services we'll deliver artwork to any printer, anywhere in the world and make it easy to repurpose your assets at a moment’s notice.

Colour Management

Our team is highly experienced in managing the colour requirements for global brands, magazines and advertisers. We understand the importance of brand consistency with the expertise to ensure your brand looks flawless everywhere it is used. From controlled lighting, in-house proofing to creating ICC bespoke profiles; you can rest assured that what you see on screen will match the final print output.


Our multi-award retouching team is trusted with delivering professional retouching services in for publishers, brands and advertising agencies. With a fully integrated creative studio we provide services including swatch matching, intricate photo retouching, composite work, image manipulation and image processing. Our work is delivered all over the world appearing as glossy magazine, catalogue and advertising spreads.

Project Management

Avoid the headaches of content delivery. Our highly skilled project management teams will take away the hassle and manage production projects from start to finish. Whichever format you need your work in and wherever it needs to go, we will get it there fast and fuss free. We also offer a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution, resulting in an even quicker service for print production and digital content preparation.

Rhapsody's award-winning workflow solution

Streamline, collaborate and deliver projects with Emagine

Rhapsody’s award-winning eMagine workflow system has the power to streamline even the most complex production process. Creative, editorial, marketing and advertising teams collaborate in a virtual environment to deliver projects on time and under budget. The entire publishing team work together to plan and monitor the progress of publications via a single integrated system, resulting in greater transparency, more efficient ways of working and reduced production lead times. With three million pages delivered every year, and still growing, over 4000 unique users rely on eMagine’s workflow tools to produce the UK’s leading consumer and customer magazine brands, through to mail order catalogues and books.

Features and Functionality

  • SaaS based online collaborative production management tool
  • 24/7 global access for teams across any location
  • Built in project planning and scheduling
  • Integrated advertising copy chasing and advertising repeats
  • Adobe InDesign plug-in for editors and designers
  • Automated page re-folioing
  • Built in audit trails
  • Integrated Digital Asset Management tools (DAM)
  • Online soft proofing, PDF generation and pre-flighting
  • Automated PDF colour management ensuring print colour accuracy
  • Full KPI reporting
  • API links to in-house systems

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