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ePublish is a unique digital publishing platform enabling publishers and brands to extract content from Adobe InDesign documents and repurpose into beautifully designed digital editions.

ePublish, developed by Rhapsody, is the first of it kind; a CMS based, digital publishing platform perfectly designed for non-technical production and design staff.

Now you can produce dynamic, HTML5 digital apps and responsive mobile websites directly from Adobe InDesign files and produce them faster and with more functionality than ever before. ePublish automates the entire publishing process, from design to deployment across multiple devices.

Powerful features in ePublish include:

  • One publication, any device, using our fully responsive design framework
  • Speed up your digital publishing workflow with our automated InDesign plugin
  • Open up the digital publishing process to non technical staff
  • Create iOS, Android, Windows 8, Adobe DPS apps or mobile optimised websites
  • Integrate with a range of 3rd party app containers such as Adobe DPS or Pugpig
  • Integrate with a range of familiar analytics packages such as Google Analytics and Omniture

Ultimately consumers want to read online publications, which provide something different to their printed counterparts and which have been tailored to the device and medium that they’re being read on. They’re looking for content which is not freely available elsewhere and in a design and format which engages them and keeps them returning for more.

As with all things web-related, a good user experience is at the heart of any successful digital magazine. When devising your digital publishing strategy, it’s important to learn from your experiences of producing your publication’s website. Issues such as how to present long-form print content on small devices, how best to use images which may have originally been commissioned for print and the frequency of the content updates are considerations which need to be addressed early on in the planning stages.

Considerations to be addressed

Although PDF replicas are still sold as ‘digital magazines’, their numbers are dwindling year on year as consumers are expecting and indeed, demanding more engaging experiences. Unsurprisingly, consumers will not pay again for an exact replica of content they can find elsewhere. Thankfully, content managed based responsive digital magazines are becoming increasingly popular. This type of workflow streamlines the production.

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