Rhapsody Digital Media

Rhapsody had the pleasure of hosting a special evening last week, in partnership with our sister company the Wyndeham Group. The event was attended by a packed audience of publishers and brands who enjoyed an evening of drinks, canapés and networking at Eight Club, Moorgate.

Opening the evening, Les Pipe, MD of Rhapsody, explained that this is the first event of its kind, with further events planned in the UK and Europe. He shared how Rhapsody and the Wyndeham Group have come together as a print and digital media organisation under the umbrella of owners Walstead Group. Jon Hearnden, Wyndeham Group Sales Director, updated the room on Wyndeham’s recent expansion into mainland Europe. With four operating web offset businesses in the UK, and the acquisition of market-leading web companies in Spain, Austria, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, the group now represents a +500 million euro organisation.

Turning to the evening’s theme: Print for Profit, Digital for Growth, the group recognises that while many publishers are still making the majority of their revenue from print, the Internet, and growth of mobile in particular has transformed the delivery of content from print only to a multi platform process. “Everyone is agreed that advertisers still love print and that good content will continue to be king,” said Les Pipe. “The big area of opportunity is mobile and we’re well-placed to help.”

Technology and consumer trends continue to evolve at pace, and there are exciting and challenging times ahead for publishers of all printed content.

Christian Price, Digital Commercial Director at Rhapsody

Christian Price, Digital Commercial Director at Rhapsody, picked up on the theme stating that publishers should be actively working to deliver responsive content in the mobile area. In his presentation he explained how early app success stories have been minimal with publishers tending to go for either static PDF-based replicas or bespoke apps, which can be expensive. However there is now an opportunity to deliver a better, more engaging user experience across desktop, tablet and mobile at a much lower cost.

To demonstrate the point he introduced ePublish, Rhapsody’s digital publishing platform, which takes existing InDesign content to create a single layout that can be published in any format. He finished off by showing the recently launched El Gazette app, which was built using ePublish and has posted impressive user statistics compared to the previous PDF-based page-turner.

Les Pipe thanked everyone for coming and closed the formal part of the evening. “Technology and consumer trends continue to evolve at pace, and there are exciting and challenging times ahead for publishers of all printed content,” he said. “The diversity of the Walstead group companies means we are uniquely positioned to help publishers maximise current and future opportunities, harmonising print and digital services within the editorial and production cycles.”

If you missed Print for Profit, Digital for Growth and would like to view the presentation from the evening simply click here to download.