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Rhapsody supports leading brands and agencies of all sectors and sizes by using the power of data to understand what makes their customers tick.

We are experienced in planning and implementing tailored solutions that transform your data headache into your most valuable business asset.  

We are committed to providing independent, expert advice and support without the jargon so get in touch to see how Rhapsody can make your data work for you.

The eVisualise approach:

  • eVisualise lets you access your data anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • We work with you to build a dashboard the way you want it so you only pay for the functionality you need and keep costs low.
  • eVisualise is completely interactive so you can compare multiple data variables with ease.
  • Create and target groups of customers based on their purchase history, age, location, gender and campaign responses. Uncover new target markets for your business, analyse campaign results or simply generate beautiful reports for your next meeting.
  • eVisualise is specifically designed to deliver a custom data insight solution to suit any budget. We don’t lock you into contracts or lengthy subscriptions and because you only pay for what you need, you get the right solution at a low cost.


If you’re drowning in a sea of data or struggling to keep your customer information up to date and accurate, we can help. We build an environment where your data is kept clean, tidy and easily managed so you can get back to your day job. Whether you need simple data cleaning services or a full database marketing strategy, we focus on delivering flexible solutions that are right for your business.

3. CRM & Marketing strategies

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1. Data Management & cleansing

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2. Data Intelligence

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1. Connect

We’re data experts so no matter where or how you hold your customer information, we offer expert advice and support making it easy to connect to eVisualise. It can sometimes be a challenge to free your data but we can help.

2. Clean & Merge

We will cleanse and merge all your data sources to make sure everything is perfectly up to date, accurate and ready to use when you need it. Our team of experts will validate and format your UK and International address data, verify emails and phone numbers and remove duplicated records.

3. Connect

We then create a unique profile for each customer where all their associated transactions, interactions, responses, visits, clicks and preferences are linked to create a complete ‘single customer view’. This is the key to building more targeted and relevant marketing.


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