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Responsive Websites

Exponential growth in mobile device ownership and usage means that a responsive website is essential for businesses to connect with their audience.

Benefits of a responsive website:

Increased traffic from mobile users

Easily share content on social platforms

Cost saving on web build and maintenance

Better user experience

Future proof – will work on any new screen sizes and improved SEO – Ask Google.

Our team is highly experienced in web design, front and back-end development. We begin all web build projects with high level consultancy before delivering a preliminary scope. Our project management team will ensure your build runs on time with regular contact and scheduled updates.

We offer a free assessment of your current website within 24 hours of your enquiry, please get in touch to learn more.

Mobile Apps

Publishers and brands wanting to increase digital revenues need to deliver the best possible reader experience, affordably, and to wherever their audience consume content.

Apps are where up to 90% of users choose to consume mobile content, which means publishing to your own branded app could help to grow your audience.

Our ePublish platform lets you migrate existing content to a fully responsive mobile app optimised for any platform from a single layout. New content can be added and combined with live continuous feeds and social channels to create a content hub that builds deeper engagement with your audience. This process can be fully automated saving customers time and money.

Digital Marketing Services

Once you’ve built your app or website you need to make sure it is discoverable. We can advise on best practices to ensure users have a chance of finding it in the app stores.

Rhapsody can help with a range of marketing services including;

App marketing including ASO (App Store Optimisation)
Inbound content marketing
Social media management
CRM – Building automated funnels
Email Marketing
SEO, Hosting

Our services range from advisory and consultation based to fully outsourced managed campaigns.

Rhapsody software solutions

Mobile Publishing, Made Easy

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    Average monthly site visits

With ePublish it’s simple to create responsive content. Automate your workflow with the ePublish Adobe InDesign plug-in. Remain in control with our authoring tools and publish responsive content to app stores and the web. Your content will be more accessible, discoverable and readable on all screen sizes so you can increase engagement and reach your audience everywhere.

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