Rhapsody Digital Media

Data Management & Cleansing

Your data is compiled, cleansed and rationalised to form a solid foundation and clear understanding of your customers. Using analytical methods we can create personas and customer groups then segment them based upon their interactions and purchasing habits. This gives a solid foundation from which to explore and learn about your customers.

Data Intelligence

From the clean and solid data foundation, we present your data in an easy to use and understandable single customer view (SCV), eVisualise. This becomes your personalised business intelligence platform that allows you to fine tune and communicate with your customers determined by data driven decisions. Manage and export lists of customers that best fit a campaign target and do it all without becoming a database expert. eVisualise removes the complexity and delivers insight in an easy to understand way.

CRM & Marketing Strategies

From the insights you gain from eVisualise you can go on to create targeted campaigns and measure their performance. This allows you to experiment with different types of marketing and compare the results. By understanding the performance you can fine tune the process and become more strategic in your methods.


  • Campaign marketing tool

  • Interactive dashboard

  • Instant customer insight

  • Single customer view


eVisualise is a customised web based SCV (Single Customer View) tool designed to give you an instant visual overview and understanding of your customer’s buying behaviour. From data supplied, or databases that are built and hosted by Rhapsody, you will have access to interactive reporting, customised to your specifications, that puts the information you need at your fingertips, allowing you to dig deeper into who your customers are and how to communicate to them more effectively.

Multiple visual tools, bespoke to your needs, will enable you to see what products your customers are buying, how often, and for how much – and, importantly, what they are likely to buy next. You can analyse any element of your data by interacting in real time with the graphs, reports and data segments to see greater detail about customer behaviour. With the ability to select multiple criteria and create targeted customer groups you can then extract your selected customers for your next campaign.

eVisualise is a simple, affordable marketing database solution that’s designed specifically for you, your business and your budget.

Backed by Rhapsody’s in-house analysts, we can provide support for more complex projects or one off requirements.

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