Cedar Communications

The Challenge:

Cedar is a full service content marketing agency, with a 173-strong team of editors, designers, strategists and media sales experts based in London, Hong Kong and Cape Town.

With a vast array of blue-chip clients, Cedar relies on Rhapsody to supply exceptional account and colour management across their entire contract publishing titles, which include British Airways, Nikon, Cathay Pacific, Tesco and Eurostar to name a few.

The Solution:

With a fully bespoke eMagine workflow for each of their blue-chip accounts, Cedar have complete control and visibility of all of their projects, which is particularly important as their global offices share content around the World. With full use of eMagines functionality, Cedar are able to work in a collaborative environment where designers, editors and production staff are able to create, annotate and approve pages 24/7. In the background, teams of colour retouchers at Rhapsody are on hand to work on large quantities of imagery that may need clipping or retouching.

Once supplied colour accurate Epson digital proofs have been approved by Cedar, automated and preflighted PDF’s are dispatched through eMagine simultaneously to print and digital channels.

The Results:

With a reputation and reliability to produce work simultaneously both for print and digital channels, Rhapsody remains a sole supplier of cross media services to Cedar, focused on continuing to supply outstanding work and bespoke technical production workflows.


Farmers Weekly is the leading multimedia information service for farmers and agricultural businesses in print, online and face-to-face.

The challenges:

As one of the oldest and best known B2B publishers in the world, our client uses postal and email channels for its subscription and reactivation marketing.

Over many years response rates had been decreasing while production and postage costs were increasing, and this had led to a situation where the client was seriously considering dropping direct marketing from its overall mix. However, a substantial number of the responders and subscribers appeared to like receiving and responding by post, especially within certain sectors such as agriculture.

The client felt that, in its attempts to continually keep production costs low, creativity had suffered greatly, and this had led to a drop in response rates. In addition to this, the client was struggling to manage the long and complex chain of suppliers involved in its campaigns, including a roster of data suppliers, a data-processing company, a print house, a fulfilment house and an email-broadcasting company.

Campaigns were taking a great deal of time to produce and were blighted with problems, often leading to a “blame culture” between suppliers attempting to avoid taking responsibility for their errors.

The solution:

Rhapsody was immediately able to offer a complete solution to the campaign management problems by providing all the services that the client needed in one place. The client now had a single point of contact responsible for managing each stage of the process from data cleansing through to mailing. This delivered the convenience, efficiency and accountability that the client needed. Rhapsody’s “one company, one contact” philosophy also introduced further savings through economy of scale, meaning greater budget could be allocated to creativity and conceptual development to produce more engaging mail packs.

The results:

By taking ownership of the entire campaign process, Rhapsody was able to introduce efficiencies and improvements at every stage while lifting the burden on the client of managing multiple suppliers. This meant that budgets could be reallocated to other areas of the campaign, enabling the improved creativity the client was looking for and reducing wastage to such an extent that Rhapsody was able to capture the few mailing returns that did come back free of charge.

Rhapsody now runs all of the client’s acquisition and reactivation campaigns from start to finish.

Client quote:

“Rhapsody have consistently completed the set up and mailing of our direct mail campaigns with first class professionalism, efficiency and accuracy. Direct Mailings provide us with key revenue and subscription acquisition throughout the year and I trust Rhapsody to fulfil these integral campaigns totally.”

Will Woodrow, Marketing Manager

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Prospect Union

The Challenge:

Prospect is a UK trade union. Their 141,000 members are engineers, scientists, managers and specialists in areas as diverse as agriculture, broadcasting, defence, education and children’s services, energy, environment, heritage, shipbuilding, sport, telecoms and transport. They are the largest union in the UK representing professional engineers.

As part of Prospect Union’s wider digital strategy they wanted to research the viability of an app to showcase some of the union’s main publications, including their flagship members magazine ‘Profile’.

The Solution:

Seeking information to aid their research members of Prospect Union’s marketing team attended a Rhapsody event entitled ‘Print for profit, digital for growth’. During the event Rhapsody explained how mobile has risen to be the number one platform for content consumption, furthermore 90% of all mobile time is spent in apps so it is of vital importance that publishers like membership organisations deliver their content to where their audience is.

The Rhapsody ePublish platform makes it easy to publish existing print ready files as fully responsive content from a single layout. The result is a fantastic reader experience optimised for every screen size it is delivered to with no additional resource required.

ePublish offers a largely automated workflow for delivering editions as well as continuous content feeds meaning readers will find new content every time they open the app resulting in deeper audience engagement.

After comparing other solutions in the market, Prospect Union decided on an app launch using Rhapsody’s ePublish platform as it looked simple to integrate into their existing workflow and represented excellent value for money.


Since the app launch, Prospect Union have experienced a strong growth in downloads by marketing it to their members and creating a promotional video.
Prospect Union now have an affordable way to experiment with the digital and mobile publishing opportunities.

Profile magazine is also printed by Rhapsody’s sister company Wyndeham the UK’s largest magazine printing group. Between Rhapsody and Wyndeham we can offer publishers and membership associations a full service for all of their printing and media production needs.

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” ePublish has been very easy to integrate into our existing workflow, more importantly it’s given us a way to affordably deliver a much better digital product to all screen sizes from a single layout. We’re now delivering editions and continuous content without requiring any additional resources, all of the stakeholders here at Prospect Union are delighted with our new app and judging from the amount of downloads, so are our members! “

Simon Crosby, Senior Graphic Designer

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Rhapsody at the Industry’s Premier Awards

The annual celebration of the magazine publishing industry is just over a week away and Rhapsody is building on our PPA strategic sponsorship by being part of this fantastic event. Rhapsody will sponsor Specialist Consumer Magazine of the Year, one of 25 award categories that showcase the best of the best in UK consumer and professional publishing.

The magazines that have been shortlisted for the Specialist Consumer Magazine of the Year are:

110% Gaming, DC Thomson
Angling Times, Bauer Media
BBC Countryfile Magazine, Immediate Media
BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine, Immediate Media
BBC Top Of The Pops Magazine, Immediate Media
Country Life, Time Inc. UK
Country Walking, Bauer Media
Cyclist, Dennis Publishing
Elle Decoration, Hearst Magazines UK
Empire, Bauer Media
The Week Junior, Dennis Publishing

Rhapsody’s sister company Wyndeham Group is also an award sponsor and will present the much coveted Consumer Magazine of the Year category.

The PPA Awards take place on 29 June at The Grosvenor Hotel, London. Good luck to all the nominees!



Boden is the UK’s largest, independently run fashion mail-order company. We are proud to have partnered with them for over a decade, supplying a range of services for their business critical, multi-channel catalogues.


Getting the colour of the images right is essential to Boden since any inaccuracies online or in print, risks products being returned by customers. For nearly 2 decades Rhapsody have worked closely with Boden to provide high quality retouching, swatch matching, colour and asset management services.

The complexity of dealing with a multitude of images and colour matching thousands of swatches in a single season is the task of Rhapsody’s dedicated Boden team, who provide a 24/7 service.


Rhapsody manages all of the Boden Women and Menswear imagery that is used throughout their multi-channel marketing, including print and online catalogues, direct mail and email campaigns. Rhapsody’s colour management team has many years experience in supplying conversions, masking, swatch matching and retouching to imagery, managing in excess of 4000 images per season.

Once approved, all images are stored ‘live’ within our Digital Asset Management System (DAMS), and made accessible for future use in multiple language catalogues and other materials.

At the heart of everything we do for Boden is Catalyst, our online workflow solution. Catalyst offers Boden the visibility to view, annotate, share and approve assets 24/7. For catalogues, pages are uploaded to Catalyst for automated and pre-flighted PDF generation, allowing Boden the option to approve or annotate pages online. Once approved, pages are dispatched via Catalyst quickly and securely to Boden’s rosta of printers around the world. For online, vast numbers of images are uploaded into a bespoke DAMS allowing Boden staff to view, annotate, download or approve accordingly.


As our working relationship with Boden grows stronger year upon year, Rhapsody is able to provide an integrated production service of photography, swatch matching, professional retouching and digital marketing solutions, all backed by experienced teams of account managers, creative retouchers, seamless workflows and technical solutions.

Ti Media

Ti Media is Britain’s leading publisher of print and digital magazine content with 60 iconic brands including Marie Claire, Country Life, InStyle, and Ideal Home. The eMagine production system was rolled out to over 900 users across multiple office and locations.

The challenge:

Rhapsody is proud to maintain its position as the single source pre-media supplier for all Ti Media’s brands supplying services including page assembly, image retouching and colour management.

Over 900 individual employees are involved in producing the magazine brands with teams based across multiple offices and remote locations. Ti Media approached Rhapsody to see how we could help them improve their workflow processes that resulted in the roll-out of the cross-platform eMagine production system to its production, editorial and advertising departments.

The solution:

We developed additional capabilities to extend eMagine’s scope into an integrated production management system that Ti Media’s editorial, advertising, classified and syndication teams could use to facilitate and manage the print and digital publishing process.

All departments are able to view the progress of a magazine issue from any remote location in real-time, share page layouts and status reports, and comment and collaborate on progress as the title moves through the creation stage into final production for print, tablet or mobile format.

Integration was also built between eMagine and Ti Media’s internal advertising systems. Sold adverts are booked and placed automatically within the correct publication and page position. Further functionality includes built-in copy chasing, full asset management tools, online soft proofing and pre-flighting, through to delivery to Ti Media’s print suppliers.


Rhapsody trained over 900 users across editorial, advertising, syndication and production teams, successfully completing the roll-out project within a 12 week period.

Using eMagine has given Ti Media the ability for users across multiple UK offices and remote locations to access one integrated system to create and produce print based and digital magazine editions in real-time. They have been able to improve team collaboration and reduce production lead times through a more efficient workflow process.


EL Gazette is an international news and media company for the English Language Teaching sector.  We built an app for iOS and Android and a responsive website to further the reach of their content.

The challenge:

In light of research that shows how much content is consumed on mobile, EL Gazette (ELG) wanted to engage with readers across all screen sizes and devices but to achieve this without the need for additional resources.

They wanted to replace their existing PDF based page-turner with something that could further the reach of the content, and deliver a stronger reading experience. Finally they wanted to create an environment that would be attractive to advertisers and sponsors, so they could see a return on their investment whilst experimenting with finding the best digital solution.

The solution:

Migrating a largely monthly newsprint title and making it attractive to consume on mobile, meant increasing the amount of images used as well as applying different layouts. We created a branded app container for ELG combined with a templated workflow that dovetailed perfectly with their existing systems.We then gave the ELG production team training in Rhapsody’s ePublish Digital Publishing Platform. Using ePublish they are able to take print ready Adobe Indesign files and convert them to responsive HTML, with the ability to publish editions into the app continuously through the month.From a single layout ELG is now available as an iOS and Android app and a responsive website version, providing a very strong reading experience for all platforms and screen sizes.


EL Gazette surveyed readers of the new app and asked – “How do you think our app or digital magazine could be improved?”

Feedback included;

“I think it’s great as it is, don’t change a thing”

“It has already improved very well since last year”

“I like the change in order to make it more reader friendly, it used to be really tricky to read”

“I only read the digital version and with the recent improvements to navigation, I like it as it is”

“The new app is a great improvement”

Moving to a responsive app has significantly improved reader engagement and ROI. After a single edition ELG were able to sign up a new sponsor and have posted impressive traction statistics in comparison to the previous PDF-based app:

Page views: Increased by 98%

Sessions: Increased by 58%

Number of users: Increased by 45%

23% via mobile + 1050%

Average pages per session 23 (+ 28%)

Meridian Audio

Meridian Audio designs, manufactures and sells high performance audio systems through a global network of retailers, distributors and automotive partners. We implemented a new CRM system providing the foundation for more effective loyalty marketing programmes.


Meridian wanted to build customer profiles in order to personalise marketing communications and build customer loyalty. They had accumulated a wide range of consumer data, primarily generated when customers register product purchases on mymeridian.com or via its own database. However these databases were in silos with conflicting or inconsistent product information, making customer marketing a complex and arduous task.


The solution:

We initially ran a health check on the data set and evaluated the quality of the contact information and product details. Much of the source data was sparse and incomplete and needed to be standardised before use could be made of it. We resolved the data conflicts by setting agreed business rules, then merging and cleansing the records.

We developed a new CRM database which is fully linked to the mymeridian.com website database and is updated automatically so that both databases are in sync.

The Meridian marketing team now has a full view of all customers with filters displaying demographic, locational or purchase data. The CRM also records email send and permission preferences, enabling opt- in and opt outs to be automatically managed.

We are able to access the CRM remotely to handle new data appends, change management, campaign extraction and logging.


Meridian now has an automated, integrated database that provides an accurate, real-time profile of customers and their engagement with the brand. As the mymeridian.com website database is synchronised with the CRM, this takes the pressure away from the marketing team of having to manually manage data. They now have a powerful tool to create effective, personalised customer retention campaigns, which are based on accurate audience segments.


Healthy Food Guide

Healthy Food Guide is the UK’s foremost monthly magazine for healthy and specialist recipes. We developed and built a responsive website which has quickly became a leader in the healthy food market.

The challenges:

The previous Healthy Food Guide was an out dated and unresponsive website which was lacking in customer engagement and provided a poor user journey. One of the main challenges we faced when designing the new responsive website was how to incorporate the expansive archive material the Healthy Food editorial team had at their disposal.


The solution:

The client wanted to create a free, easy-to-use website full of recipes and open up the Healthy Food brand to a wider, younger audience. The site was therefore built with a mobile first approach. The site uses extensive faceted search options allowing users to drill down to find content and recipes across a wide range of topics and diets.

With rich imagery we were able to deliver an eye catching, yet informative solution that the editorial team can manage and update on a daily basis to keep users coming back for more.


Traffic has increased by over 250% in the six months since the launch, with mobiles accounting for over 60% of all traffic

Over 3000 new registrations and 5,000 new users have subscribed to its weekly newsletters

Healthy Food has beaten its budget on new magazine print subscriptions

The brand is quickly becoming a leader in the growing health food market with the organic search terms ‘healthy food’ and ‘healthy food guides’ resulting in No.1 Google search positions.

“As soon as we shared our strategy with Rhapsody for a responsive website they immediately worked with our editorial team to formulate a plan. The execution exceeded our expectations and we are delighted with the increase in traffic, revenues and engagement that we have experienced in a relatively short period of time.”

Seamus Geoghegan, Managing Director, Eye to Eye Media

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