Prospect Union

The Challenge:

Prospect is a UK trade union. Their 141,000 members are engineers, scientists, managers and specialists in areas as diverse as agriculture, broadcasting, defence, education and children’s services, energy, environment, heritage, shipbuilding, sport, telecoms and transport. They are the largest union in the UK representing professional engineers.

As part of Prospect Union’s wider digital strategy they wanted to research the viability of an app to showcase some of the union’s main publications, including their flagship members magazine ‘Profile’.

The Solution:

Seeking information to aid their research members of Prospect Union’s marketing team attended a Rhapsody event entitled ‘Print for profit, digital for growth’. During the event Rhapsody explained how mobile has risen to be the number one platform for content consumption, furthermore 90% of all mobile time is spent in apps so it is of vital importance that publishers like membership organisations deliver their content to where their audience is.

The Rhapsody ePublish platform makes it easy to publish existing print ready files as fully responsive content from a single layout. The result is a fantastic reader experience optimised for every screen size it is delivered to with no additional resource required.

ePublish offers a largely automated workflow for delivering editions as well as continuous content feeds meaning readers will find new content every time they open the app resulting in deeper audience engagement.

After comparing other solutions in the market, Prospect Union decided on an app launch using Rhapsody’s ePublish platform as it looked simple to integrate into their existing workflow and represented excellent value for money.


Since the app launch, Prospect Union have experienced a strong growth in downloads by marketing it to their members and creating a promotional video.
Prospect Union now have an affordable way to experiment with the digital and mobile publishing opportunities.

Profile magazine is also printed by Rhapsody’s sister company Wyndeham the UK’s largest magazine printing group. Between Rhapsody and Wyndeham we can offer publishers and membership associations a full service for all of their printing and media production needs.

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” ePublish has been very easy to integrate into our existing workflow, more importantly it’s given us a way to affordably deliver a much better digital product to all screen sizes from a single layout. We’re now delivering editions and continuous content without requiring any additional resources, all of the stakeholders here at Prospect Union are delighted with our new app and judging from the amount of downloads, so are our members! “

Simon Crosby, Senior Graphic Designer

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Rhapsody and Wyndeham host Manchester event, 25 April

Rhapsody and Wyndeham will host a joint event in Manchester on the importance of data in delivering accurate, effective marketing campaigns and the opportunities of mobile as a marketing channel.

“Print for Profit, Digital for Growth” will take place on Tuesday 25 April and is hosted by Wyndeham and Rhapsody who are a combined print and digital media organisation under the umbrella of the Walstead Group.

Recognising that marketers and content producers are being constantly challenged to find new ways of communicating with audiences whilst keeping costs under control, the theme will cover how to capitalise on the opportunity that mobile brings whilst retaining print and direct mail as a vital part of the marketing mix. Over lunch and networking at the King Street Townhouse Hotel, Manchester, the event will consist of short talks on using data to develop more accurate, effective marketing campaigns, and how to get your mobile strategy right.

Who should attend this event:
– Business, consumer and commercial publishers that wish to learn more about data services and mobile publishing.
– Anybody producing content that wants to optimise their audience and make their content reach more people.
– Publishers, Marketing Managers/Directors, Heads of Digital/Data/Content, MD’s/CEO’s

This event has been rescheduled to Wednesday 25 April at 1pm, from the original date of 22 March.


EL Gazette is an international news and media company for the English Language Teaching sector.  We built an app for iOS and Android and a responsive website to further the reach of their content.

The challenge:

In light of research that shows how much content is consumed on mobile, EL Gazette (ELG) wanted to engage with readers across all screen sizes and devices but to achieve this without the need for additional resources.

They wanted to replace their existing PDF based page-turner with something that could further the reach of the content, and deliver a stronger reading experience. Finally they wanted to create an environment that would be attractive to advertisers and sponsors, so they could see a return on their investment whilst experimenting with finding the best digital solution.

The solution:

Migrating a largely monthly newsprint title and making it attractive to consume on mobile, meant increasing the amount of images used as well as applying different layouts. We created a branded app container for ELG combined with a templated workflow that dovetailed perfectly with their existing systems.We then gave the ELG production team training in Rhapsody’s ePublish Digital Publishing Platform. Using ePublish they are able to take print ready Adobe Indesign files and convert them to responsive HTML, with the ability to publish editions into the app continuously through the month.From a single layout ELG is now available as an iOS and Android app and a responsive website version, providing a very strong reading experience for all platforms and screen sizes.


EL Gazette surveyed readers of the new app and asked – “How do you think our app or digital magazine could be improved?”

Feedback included;

“I think it’s great as it is, don’t change a thing”

“It has already improved very well since last year”

“I like the change in order to make it more reader friendly, it used to be really tricky to read”

“I only read the digital version and with the recent improvements to navigation, I like it as it is”

“The new app is a great improvement”

Moving to a responsive app has significantly improved reader engagement and ROI. After a single edition ELG were able to sign up a new sponsor and have posted impressive traction statistics in comparison to the previous PDF-based app:

Page views: Increased by 98%

Sessions: Increased by 58%

Number of users: Increased by 45%

23% via mobile + 1050%

Average pages per session 23 (+ 28%)