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The challenges:

As one of the oldest and best known B2B publishers in the world, our client uses postal and email channels for its subscription and reactivation marketing.

Over many years response rates had been decreasing while production and postage costs were increasing, and this had led to a situation where the client was seriously considering dropping direct marketing from its overall mix. However, a substantial number of the responders and subscribers appeared to like receiving and responding by post, especially within certain sectors such as agriculture

The client felt that, in its attempts to continually keep production costs low, creativity had suffered greatly, and this had led to a drop in response rates. In addition to this, the client was struggling to manage the long and complex chain of suppliers involved in its campaigns, including a roster of data suppliers, a data-processing company, a print house, a fulfilment house and an email-broadcasting company.

Campaigns were taking a great deal of time to produce and were blighted with problems, often leading to a “blame culture” between suppliers attempting to avoid taking responsibility for their errors.

The solution:

Rhapsody was immediately able to offer a complete solution to the campaign-management problems by providing all the services that the client needed in one place. The client now had a single point of contact responsible for managing each stage of the process from data cleansing through to mailing. This delivered the convenience, efficiency and accountability that the client needed. Rhapsody’s “one company, one contact” philosophy also introduced further savings through economy of scale, meaning greater budget could be allocated to creativity and conceptual development to produce more engaging mail packs.

The Results:

By taking ownership of the entire campaign process, Rhapsody was able to introduce efficiencies and improvements at every stage while lifting the burden on the client of managing multiple suppliers. This meant that budgets could be reallocated to other areas of the campaign, enabling the improved creativity the client was looking for and reducing wastage to such an extent that Rhapsody was able to capture the few mailing returns that did come back free of charge.

Rhapsody now runs all of the client’s acquisition and reactivation campaigns from start to finish.

“Rhapsody have consistently completed the set up and mailing of our direct mail campaigns with professionalism, efficiency and accuracy. Direct mailings provide us with key revenue and subscription acquisition throughout the year and Rhapsody have ensured we can continue these campaigns with positive ROI.”

Will Woodrow, Marketing Manager, Proagrica

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