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Meridian wanted to build customer profiles in order to personalise marketing communications and build customer loyalty. They had accumulated a wide range of consumer data, primarily generated when customers register product purchases on mymeridian.com or via its own database. However these databases were in silos with conflicting or inconsistent product information, making customer marketing a complex and arduous task.


The solution:

We initially ran a health check on the data set and evaluated the quality of the contact information and product details. Much of the source data was sparse and incomplete and needed to be standardised before use could be made of it. We resolved the data conflicts by setting agreed business rules, then merging and cleansing the records.

We developed a new CRM database which is fully linked to the mymeridian.com website database and is updated automatically so that both databases are in sync.

The Meridian marketing team now has a full view of all customers with filters displaying demographic, locational or purchase data. The CRM also records email send and permission preferences, enabling opt- in and opt outs to be automatically managed.

We are able to access the CRM remotely to handle new data appends, change management, campaign extraction and logging.


Meridian now has an automated, integrated database that provides an accurate, real-time profile of customers and their engagement with the brand. As the mymeridian.com website database is synchronised with the CRM, this takes the pressure away from the marketing team of having to manually manage data. They now have a powerful tool to create effective, personalised customer retention campaigns, which are based on accurate audience segments.

“Rhapsody has built a CRM system which perfectly meets our requirements; it has smoothed out the entire data management process and saves us a great deal of time. We now have full view of customers, which is enabling us to be much more targeted in our marketing communications.”

Rayner Sheridan, Director of Marketing, 
Meridian, Meridian Audio Ltd

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