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The challenges:

woman&home, published by Time Inc. UK, is the largest lifestyle magazine on the UK news stand. Time Inc. UK partnered with Rhapsody to create a new iOS app for its sister title, Eating Smart.  This adventure into a new area for woman&home was not without its challenges, however with an agile approach, we were able to deliver an evolving project that exceeded their expectations.


The solution:

Using our ePublish digital publishing platform we were able to provide Time Inc. UK with a flexible and efficient system, allowing them to produce a successful finished app for the Apple Newsstand.

The Adobe InDesign to CMS plug-in contained within ePublish enabled them to streamline the process further, with the ability to edit and include additional content in the app.

Using ePublish, they were not only able to utilise the InDesign plugin but could fully edit content within their Content Management System (CMS) as and when required. This additional flexibility was key in the initial phases as the team familiarised themselves with the system.

The Results:

Following its launch in May 2015 the Eating Smart app now has four separate issues that meet a wide range of dietary requirements, with a further version planed for release. The ePublish system allows Time Inc. UK to not only plan for future editions, but to be reactive to trending topics and deliver tasty recipes for users.

“Since release the Eating Smart app has exceeded expectations in the Apple Newsstand with high levels of engagement. Our app also reinforces the strength of the women&home brand, this being a successful extension of the brand into the mobile arena,”

Sue James, Editorial Director, woman&home

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