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Rhapsody and Wyndeham will host a joint event in Manchester on 25 April on the importance of data in delivering accurate, effective marketing campaigns and the opportunities of mobile as a marketing channel.

“Print for Profit, Digital for Growth” Manchester, is a follow up to the first event in London by Wyndeham and Rhapsody who are a combined print and digital media organisation under the umbrella of the Walstead Group.

Recognising that marketers and content producers are being constantly challenged to find new ways of communicating with audiences whilst keeping costs under control, the theme will cover how to capitalise on the opportunity that mobile brings whilst retaining print and direct mail as a vital part of the marketing mix. Over lunch and networking at the King Street Townhouse Hotel, Manchester, the event will consist of short talks on using data to develop more accurate, effective marketing campaigns, advice on how to get your mobile strategy right, and how to ensure your content reaches your audience wherever they are.

Who should attend this event:
– Business, consumer and commercial publishers that wish to learn more about data services and mobile publishing.
– Anybody producing content that wants to optimise their audience and make their content reach more people.
– Publishers, Marketing Managers/Directors, Heads of Digital/Data/Content, MD’s/CEO’s

Please note that this event has been rescheduled from 22 March.

To confirm your place at the Wyndeham Rhapsody event RSVP now

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Join Wyndeham & Rhapsody at "Print for Profit, Digital for Growth” on 6 October


Join Wyndeham & Rhapsody at "Print for Profit, Digital for Growth” on 6 October