The largest independent mail-order clothes company in the UK designing for women, men, teenagers and children and supported by delivering over 20 million catalogues annually.


Getting the colour of their images right, both in print and online, is essential to Boden’s business, since any inaccuracies risk products being returned. That is why, over the past nine years, we have built a sustained relationship with the company based on quality service in the areas of swatch matching, professional retouching, and colour and asset management.


What we do for them


The client supplies our dedicated Boden team with swatches for each new season’s range, enabling us to calibrate the colours and to ensure that all new imagery is colour-matched and retouched to a consistently high standard. Using this information, we then convert the raw images to a standard colour profile, retouch and apply masks or clipping paths as necessary, and supply proofs to the client. In any one season we might handle up to 500 separate images and 2,000 swatches.


After the proofs have been approved, all images are stored ‘live’ on our Emagine asset management system. From here, they can be pulled into the client’s page layouts and automatically converted into other colour profiles, according to which printer is handling the job.


When the client uploads page-layout files into Emagine, the system responds swiftly by checking for errors and then generating colour-certified PDFs or digital proofs that can be viewed and approved online by all interested parties. Having kept track of the approvals process step-by-step, Emagine then dispatches the print-ready digital files to printers and online servers around the world, leaving Boden secure in the knowledge that their products will be seen by customers in the best possible light.

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